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Who is managing your website?

A business website is not just a digital brochure. It is your automated 24/7 sales “person”.

So managing and optimising it professionally and skillfully can be a major doorway for business coming your way. So don't just leave it unattended there.

We can help you unfold your website's potential.

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What is there to be managed?

  • Your website's DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION (yearly)
  • Your website's WEB HOSTING (this is where all the files of your website are stored and always online)
  • WEBSITE ANALYSIS - Tracking and regular analysis of your website (what is happening on your website, and where could its performance be improved and optimised)
  • UPDATING CONTENT (text, images, audio files and videos)
  • Ongoing search engine optimisation (for more visitors from your target group)
  • Ongoing website optimisation (for a better website conversion rate, like more enquiries, sales or sign ups per 100 visitors)
  • Ongoing website marketing management (What Internet marketing strategies are being done? - tracking, analysis and improvements for better ROI.)
  • regularely checking and testing the technical part of your Website, especially after changes to the website (e.g. do all the links work correctly, is the site still displayed correctly in all the major Internet browsers)

If you need help with any of the above website maintenance services, contact us for a free consultation.