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Advertising Services for your website

 Internet marketing can be highly cost effective compared to traditional advertising methods, because it's track able and therefore easier to optimise.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Campaigns

- The quickest method to get your website more visitors -

With Pay Per Click Advertising (for example with Google Adwords, Yahoo, Facebook), your ad can easily show up on the first search result page for a certain keyword. And this makes it more likely for your ad to be clicked at.

We can setup your Google Adwords account and manage your ads to make it more profitable for you.

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QR-Codes (Quick Reference Codes)

qrcodeThese images can be links to your website and also include phone numbers and other data.

They are easily scanned into smart phones and pc-tablets to quickly get those contact data without a business card or hand-written note. You just need a QR-Code reader App for your smart phone, which are free to download.

We can create you a QR-Code image, which you can use on all your advertising materials.

Cost: $15


Other forms of Internet Marketing

Other online marketing strategies can be very effective as well. With link exchange or link building you can place links on other relevant websites to your site. The more relevant and well visited these websites are the more likely you will get prospective customers to your site. And it will also improve your ranking in search engines.

Social media networks like Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn and others are becoming more important for your website's search engine ranking and are a good way to get the word out there about your website and your business.

Newsletter campaigns or publishing articles online with back links to your website can be another powerful online advertisement method. The newsletter or articles need to be written skilfully and should also be used for the search engine optimisation of your website.

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